Thanks to all for all the love and support we have received since Nathan's diagnosis, and thank you for loving our son!

First and Formost: Obviously the Tay-Sachs Gene Therapy Consortium. Having met three of the members, all we can say is: brilliant and dedicated! We have had the pleasure of meeting three of them so far (Miguel Sena-Esteves, Edwin H. Kolodny, and Florian Eichler) all of whom have show nothing but a pure and true drive toward finding the cure!

Second: has both guns blazing for the cure. Full speed ahead! We can't say enough about how wonderful Ken Bihn and all the associated families are concerning this mission.



Duffer's Tavern Feb. 2013 Fundraiser thanks:

We raised a huge amount of money this year once again for at our Feb 23rd fundraiser- close to $10,000!!!! Thank you once again to our generous family, friends, local businesses, and Philadelphia sports teams for helping us fight for our Nathan!!! We had a great turn out, and Nathan's grandparents came to support our Nathan, bringing hand-made Irish items for our auction! Superstar Dakota Bihn made an appearance this year as well with her amazing family Ken and Julie Bihn, founders of Cure Tay-Sachs!! Ken Bihn and Brian Manning were excellent speakers, and continue to fight alongside us to cure this terrible disease. Special thanks to the Bihns, the Mannings, the Briertons, the Gallens, the Bondy's the Harneys- Mark and McGarrity, and THE WHITEWALLS band, and my amazing coworkers for their invaluable support. God bless and WE FIGHT FOR NATHAN!!!!


Duffers Tavern Feb. 2012 Fundraiser thanks:

New York Times and USA Today best selling author Jodi Picoult has generously agreed to donate some signed novels for our upcoming beef and beer and silent auction at DUFFERS TAVERN in Glen Mills, PA this coming February 11, 2012- GOD BLESS YOU JODI!!  Please check out her website at

Former Buffalo Bills QB and NFL hall of famer JIM KELLY along with his wife JILL KELLY and, formed in memory of their son Hunter, have generously donated signed books they have written for our silent auction at DUFFERS TAVERN in Glen Mills, PA on 2/11/12. GOD BLESS YOU all!

 Vicky Sieck has generously donated a signed copy of Robert Fulghum's "All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergerten" for our silent auction coming up on 2/11/11!!! She is an extremely talented Home Staging and Redesign expert, and owner of VS Designing and has generously agreed to donate a gift card for her services for our silent auction as well- god bless you Vicky! Please see her website at !!!

My incredible co-workers at State Farm Insurance are donating a HUGE gift basket of Disney CARS items for our silent auction! They have also made countless dinners for my husband and I and provided invaluable support- I could not ask for a better group of people to work with- you all have such huge hearts. God bless you!!

Thank you!

I cannot explain what wonderful people I work with at State Farm! We have received numerous donations for our Nathan. They are the most generous, supportive group of people that I have ever had the privelege of knowing. God bless you all- you have made such a difference to our family!!



Nathan's care and amazing people we've met:

Jane Darr made it possible for Nathan to get started in a wonderful medical daycare called Lauren's House, where he is loved and given top-notch care! God bless you and your family.


Lauren's House- - is Nathan's phenomenal day care, where he is loved by all, and treated with the most professional, caring nursing staff that we could hope for. Special thanks to Kim, Lee, Heather, Donya, and everyone who loves our Nathan and fights alongside us

 Brian, Sherri, ^Dylan^, Brady, and Devin Manning reached out to us right after we learned of Nathan's diagnosis. They are now part of our family, and we are very grateful for their invaluable help and support.


Bob and Debbie Dyer are amazing people with huge hearts. They run Dyer's Deli in Parkesburg, PA. They are dedicated to helping children and raising money for the cure. God bless you both- it is an honor to have you in our family. 

Thank you to Allstar Pediatrics- - Nathan's team of dedicated doctors prior to his diagnosis. Special thanks to Dr. Robert Duncheskie who pointed us in all the right directions to get a diagnosis for our son. We are so indebted to you for your phenominal care and knowledge.


Thank you to the wonderful team we have keeping Nathan healthy at Nemours Alfred I Dupont Hospital for Children. Special thanks to Dr. Christopher Raab and Dr. Charles Bean. Nathan is in excellent hands!


Thank you to Omos Knitting Group Happy Hats for Tay-Sachs and Nathan's Grandma Ann Brierton- your hats were a hit at our latest fundraiser and raised $174!! We received a list of more people wanting these amazing hats. Your most recent fundraiser in November 2011 brought in $545 of sales and donations, bringing your total up to $864!!!

Update September 2012- these amazing ladies have now raised more than $1,000 for our Nathan after selling their items at the annual St. Andrews Carnival in Johnstown, PA!! WE FIGHT FOR NATHAN!!!!


Thank you to Mrs McCabe- you are a wonderful and generous person to sell your Silpada jewelry on behalf of Nathan, with proceeds to the cure! Mr. McCabe- we cannot thank you enough for donating a gift certificate for a night at your hotels for our last fundraiser- you are truly generous people-  love from us and Nathan- Just Believe!


Bayada nursing has provided us with peace of mind during the night in the care they provide for Nathan while we snooze! Special thanks to Diane Steele and Donya- we appreciate everything you do!


THANK YOU to all the generous donors! We are blown away by your support and love!!

Noa Wheeler, Krista Golish, Elizabeth and Tom Marcais, the Michaud family, Leah Cypess, Mindy and Chris Cox and family, Michael Doughty, Steve Shannon, Atty. & Mrs. David Weaver, Atty. Gene Connors, Staci German, Barb and Scott Howell and family, Atty. & Mrs. Robert Brierton, Maureen Staska and family, Eric Minde, Christine Gump, Mary Brougher, Susan Ferguson, Neal and Cynthia Eash, John and Hoa Custer, Amy Coppus, Rita Caretti, Martha Mihalick, Kseniya Thomas, Don and Elizabeth Leckey, Glen Karan, Jessica Frazer Sandberg, Millie Rovan, Kevin Kiger, Pamela McGoldrick, Sarah Cloots, Ann and Jim Mattie, Francis Bruton Jr. & Family, Sue Ohata & Family, Ann Lee & Mike King, Dale and Rebecca Wicks & Family, Pat & Rebecca Lang, Katherine and William Hoyt, Chris Sheridan, Mark and McGarrity Harney, Atty. & Mrs. Robert Brierton, Andrea, Jon, & Ben Sobjak, Bernard & Kathy Sobjak, Omos Knitting Group Happy Hats for Tay-Sachs, Nathan Michaud, Elizabeth Guice, Catherine Herter, Jennifer Luongo, Darryl Borges, Christine Martin, Sharon Wilson, Iris Plaxton, Pat McCabe & Family, September 11 Fundraiser for Dylan Manning and Nathan Harney- NTSAD, Jessica Kearney-Bryan, Donna Ferry & Larry Koenig, Atty. D.C.Nokes Jr., Jerry & Sharon Varner, Betsy & Greg Suppes, Janet Bondy, Michele Eau Claire, Jeffrey Kulp, Omos Knitting Group Happy Hats for Tay-Sachs, Susan Hart, Nicholas Bense, Margy Gray, Rhonda Berkey,, Jamie Loncar, Peter Adami, Cynthia Sterling, Inesa Jenza, Elizabeth Fletchall, Nicole Signora, Pam Jefferson, Michael Wendle, Aimee Blum, Martin Ostrow & family, Pat Wadsley, Marcia Kissel, Jewish Family Services of the Beth Sholom Jewish Federation in Johnstown, PA, AWA at Brandy Memorial Wiffleball League in Chicago, IL, Robert Horowitz, Amy Tewksbury, Laura Hendrix, Anne Kutrzyba, Arlene Cerimele, Maureen Clark, Alegra Slick, Susan Maestra, Jeff & Beverly Robinson, Dana & Jerry French, Scott and Tammy Molignoni, The Philadelphia Donegal Association, Fran Donovan, Dwight Varnes, Omos Happy Hats for Tay-Sachs Knitting Club, Ann Montagna, Dr. Allison Brucker, NBC news, Jack, Liz, & Sean Cox, Barb Theobald, Marsha Benton, Alleronda Harris, Janet Carney, Bernard Herman, Anne & Michael King, Amy Tewksbury, Joe Sypeck, Kathy Kelly, Beverly Tillman, Joyce Robinson, Karen Hildenbrand, Vicky Sieck, Tracy Schaaf, Gail Schaffer, Jane Hong, Barbara Davis, Bonnie Shukitt, Carol Snyder, Cathy Giancatarino, Cindy Mayo, Deborah Macdonald, Grace Menta, Jean DelViscio, Lynn Anderson, Lynn Huston, Mary Colden, Tina Miller, Daniel Nagle, Widener University Law School, Atty & Mrs. Robert Brierton, Susan Pandak, Annette Lavin, Debby Simpkins, Gary Clarke, Kelsey Sloan, Kim Shonberger, Linda Donnelly, Lisa Cassidy, Margo DeLacy, Mike Daprile, Ruth Paulick, Teresa Rosa, Trish Coalson, Brenda Simpkins, Colleen Mack, Connie Kasarsky, Diane Pagliei, Dionne Yvette Jenifer, Jane Ruggieri, Judy Wright, Kara Phipps, Kelley Lewis, Melissa Barlow, Peaches Anderson, Susan Cianciola, Tracey Petrancuri, Amy Tewksbury, Nancy Cuskaden, Rhonda Lobodzinski, Sheryl Cariello, Sonya Hudson, Stephanie Colarullo, Tara Davis, Tina Trueman, Brenda Nichols, Monica Cayer, Tony Payne, Christine Panfile, Debbie Emery, Frani Bruton, Judy Prendergast, Kelly Heckman, Lucille Cataldi, Michelle Roark, Garland Thompson Jr.,  Kathy Gleason, Sally Wittler, Tracey Timm, Debbie Jillard, Kimberly McKenna, Shelly Gilbert-Toogood, Jennifer Turkelson, Brenda T Hampton, Izzy Cooke, Rob Hanna, Gloria L McKee, Joyce Ann Byrne, Jennifer Bowen, Linda Marie McTighe, Janetta Randolph, Corvette Woodward, Debra Skuback Depero, Elizabeth Tisdale, Gina Walter, Jen Dillinger, Joan Jacobs, John O'hara, Justin Augustyn, Lisa Pietras, Mary Lou Lebo, Pam Groses, Teresa Archacki, Wendy Borreggine, Robert Paxton, Liz Harney, Mark Guida, Nicole Campbell Redd, Doug Allen, Alpheaus Johnson, Absolute Quality and Validation and the Borreggine Family, Atty. & Mrs. Robert Brierton, Domestic Relations staff of Berks County, Vernon Snow, Jenny Drummy & Family, Linda Ammons, Casey Craig, Victor Clover, Trish Kirchdoerfer, Rita Mihniak, Omos Happy Hats for Tay-Sachs Knitting Club, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Anastasia Snelling, Pat Lang, Rita Caretti, Dr. Robert Duncheskie & Liann Duncheskie, Amy Tewksbury, Richard Murray, Atousa Rahnama, Bernadette Gallen, Jennifer Johnsen-Nazareth, Brian and Patricia Gallen & Familly, Robin McCann, Richard Favinger, Charles Getty, Pat Lang, Deborah Judge, Jasmee Grewal, Patricia Roos, Robinann Basciano, Chris Leahan, Jen Stiefel, Cheryl Hubbard, Lee Irwin, JR Systems Plus, Joanne Arend, Barb Theobald, Corrine Feyas, Pat Neilson, Chrissie Maier, Michelle Saunders, Eugene Majors, Margie Fowler, Sharon Hutchinson, Sheila Hitchcock, Melva Foster, Rae Wilmont, Gloria McKee and Family, Vicky Sieck, Richard Bollinger, Amanda Blank, Ivan and Marija Boljat, Tracey Wiggins, Carol McCrosson, Margaret Ward, Jenn King, Pat McCabe, Shawn and Menka Balani- Travel Time Travel Agency Inc, Laurel View Village and Mrs. Louise Brierton, Top of the Hill Beverage and Neil and Amy Grubb, Geico Philanthropic Foundation, St Andrews Catholic Church, Barbara and Scott Howell & Family, Mark and McGarrity Harney, Patrick & Margaret Gallen, Laura Mattie, Omos Happy Hats for Tay-Sachs and Ann Brierton, Amy Tewksbury, Alexandra Lourenco, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fink, Cindy McAneny, Amy Tewksbury, Nadja Leonard, Johnstown Fights for Nathan at St. Andrews Annual Fair, Amy Tewksbury, Amy Coppus, Ann Montagna, Amy Tewksbury, Amy Tewksbury's Queue Production Team for State Farm, Bernard Herman, Letha Schmidt and her Market Insights Team, Jane Hong and her Queue Production Team, Susan Pandak and her Application and QPS Teams, Anne King, Anthony Carbrello, Marybeth McNally, Jenell Robinson, Tracey Wiggins, Alleronda Harris, D. Miller, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Louise and Mark Michaud, Marybeth McNally, Mike and Susan Wendle, Lisa Cassidy, Janet Carney, Amy Tewksbury, Maureen Clark, Patrick and Margaret Gallen, Elizabeth Facenda, Rose Ann McCullough, Kathy and Bernard Sobjak, Brian and Patricia Gallen, Janet Bondy, Nancy Knavel, Mary Lou Lebo, John Taylor, James Cook, Shawn Sheridan, Amanda Blank, Stephanie Battavio, New Brandywine Aero Inc., Susan Shertzer, Martha Mihalick, John Carlin, Donya Carlin, Tammy and Scott Molignoni, Justin and Angela Molignoni, Lisa Humbert, Tracey Timm, Liz and Sean Cox, Dierdre Konar, Jeff Markel, Robert and Ann Brierton, Mike and Susan Wendle, Kathy Kelly, Marlena and Al Montagna, Trish Coalson, Jeanne Bucklin, Carole Baldassano, Enterprise Rent A Car, Lyndsay Kahn, Nicole Bryan, Rebecca Wicks, Ann Boye, Liz Harney, Amy Tewksbury, Katie Mikeska, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Grubb, Rebecca Warren, Jamie Loncar, Martha Mihalick, John Trainor, Tracey Timm, Marcia Kissel, Amy Coppus, Rita Caretti, Megan Fiske-Elis, Judy Prendergast, State Farm Auto Application Team, Courtney Prothero, Liz Cox, Tina Schmidt, Ann Montagna, Amy Tewksbury, Diane and Donya Carlin, Auto Application Team State Farm, Andrew Hawkins, Andrew Chapis and Stacie Berglin and Paul and Debra Berglin, Trish Coalson, Amy Grubb, Tom and Elizabeth Marcais, Susan and Larry Scheps, Bill and Terrie Ray, Rich and Loretta Hessler, Ann and James Mattie, Donna Ferry, Pamela Jefferson, Louise Michaud and the Michaud Family, Brian and Patricia Gallen, Kathy and Dave Mihniak, Rita Mihniak, Margaret Ward, Constance Petravage, Betsy Suppes, Donald Lecky, First Second Books, Lynn Kahler, Barbara Howell and the Howell Family, Trish Coalson